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Ragou is a web agency located in Florence composed of a group of freelancers working in the same coworking space, Okubo station.

We deal with the creation of Web & Graphic Design, Branding,
campaigns and audiovisual commercials. The web agency with a taste for design


Always ready to offer every expertise we possess to best design and develop each project

Always ready to offer every expertise we possess to best design and develop each project

1. Web design and UX

Building, managing, restyling responsive websites on WordPress or Bootstrap platform. UX design best practices for optimal user navigation.

2. E-commerce

Design planning, development and management of e-commerce sites with the ability to update products independently.

3. App design

Usability and graphic design for native app and web app development.

4. Social media

Create and manage editorial plans for social pages, creating dynamic content, analyzing and monitoring.

5. Brand design

Visual identity creation and restyling: from logo to graphic concept, corporate image for impactful, uniform and comprehensive visual communication.

6. Graphic design

Realizzazione elaborati di stampa: progetti editoriali, cataloghi, brochure, packaging, etichette. Gestione processo di stampa.

7. Photography

Photographic services with professional post production for websites, e-commerce, advertising promotions. 3D mapping service with virtual tour creation.

8. Animation and video making

Creation of videos, commercials and dynamic content in 2D animation. Filming, drone shooting, professional video editing.


overplay by LeArti

/ UX & Web design /

okubo station

okubo station

/ web design /

chimera sleepwear

chimera sleepwear

/ UX & web design, e-commerce  /

studio dentistico civitelli

studio dentistico civitelli

/ web design /

etichetta etrusca mobile cover

china etrusca

/ graphic design /

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