About us



Ragou is a digital agency
formed by a group of independent freelancers working in the same coworking space in Florence, Okubo Station

We deal with the creation of websites, e-commerce, showcase sites, UX and UI design, web graphics, advertising graphics, brand identity creation for businesses and individuals, advertising strategy study, social media marketing, audiovisual campaigns and commercials, commercials with 2d animation, illustration. The digital agency to the taste of design.

laura lavorini.

/ web graphic designer & founder /

francesco bianciardi.

/ web graphic designer & UX designer /

carlo chiarotti.

/ composer & sound designer /

claudio giusti.

/ animator & motion designer /


Collaborations are our strength. Together we have the opportunity to discover new horizons and create original solutions to design taste

marte comunicazione
marte comunicazione
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